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The Complete Guide to Increasing the Lifespan Your Vehicle Battery: Tricks & Techniques

Understanding Battery Basics

Let us first explore the inside working of batteries before getting into ways to improve battery lifespan. Whether it's in your personal car, bike, or electronic devices, batteries function based on the same fundamental principles of storing energy and discharging energy through chemical reactions. Over the time, these reactions may deteriorate, but fret not, as there are various strategies available to prolong battery life and maximize their efficiency.

Exide Car Vehicle Battery

Keep It Cool

Just like humans in summer days, batteries prefer to keep their cool. High temperatures can accelerate chemical reactions inside batteries, leading to faster degradation. So, where possible, store your batteries in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Avoid Full Discharges

there is a misconception that draining your vehicle batteries completely before recharging is beneficial, but in the reality world of truth, it can actually harm your battery also putting extra stress on it and shortening their lifespan.

It's always better to charge your batteries regularly to keep them in good condition and ensure they stay happy and healthy.

Keep Your Vehicle Battery Clean

A little maintenance can go a long way toward increasing battery life. Give battery terminals a moderate scrape with baking soda and water to keep them clean and corrosion-free. Remember to properly dry them afterwards to avoid any adverse effects.

Invest in Quality

Investing in top-tier battery brands such as EXIDE may require a higher initial investment, but the superior quality and durability will prove to be a wise choice over time.

Keep Them Topped Up

Just don't forget to keep your vehicle or other gadget batteries in good shape by regularly charging them, especially when they are not getting used often. This will help batteries prevent from getting completely discharged and potentially causing damage to their lifespan.

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